How are girls and boys doing in education?

“You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation” Brigham Young.
As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, let’s look at the gender parity situation in our education today.
How are our boys and girls doing? Look at the numbers from the ADB-run Gender Assessment Report, 2019
The report shows high enrolment rates for boys (89%) and girls (94%) in 2018 at primary school, which are good internationally but show a decrease from 100% for girls and 98% for boys both in 2000.
At secondary school, the dropout rates for boys aged 10-17 are higher than for girls: 7% to 4% respectively. The reasons account for the socioeconomic status of the families. Compare: in 2017 the dropout rate there were 274 cases of dropout for ages 6-18,, among which 109 were girls. 179 of all dropouts (65%) were due to the SES background.

At tertiary education, the data show significant differences, according to the ADB report, which are attributed to the gender stereotypes that may be prevalent and affecting the career choices.

At postgraduate level, only a 1/4 of women enrolled in doctoral education complete their degree.