Our training for students on academic honesty and research ethics

“This course should be offered to everyone”, says a student after our training. “We learned a lot – plagiarism, research ethics, no one talks about this at our universities”. I proudly look at the student and agree that this is a very rewarding moment.

With the support of Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance, on March 12-13, 2020, we ran a training for the students from local universities to improve their skills on academic honesty and research ethics. We talked about different types of plagiarism and how to do referencing, shared strategies on how to avoid plagiarism and practiced paraphrasing and summarising – essential skills for academic writing.
We also discussed the importance of ethics and its principles in doing research. The focal questions were the ones on how we protect research participants during our research, how we ensure we meet the requirements of getting an informed consent (and what on earth it is in general), how to meet the challenges of vulnerability of the participants, how to ensure confidentiality and privacy of personal data.

This event is part of the bigger project on “What is your research about”, which aims to enhance academic literacy skills among local students in Armenian universities.