The Student

The Student is a podcast show about university teaching and learning and everything that is in-between. A show where students share about their daily lives, academic routines, their views about education, the quality of their studies and beyond.

This show is made possible through the subgrant from the Media Initiatives Center and supported by the US Embassy in Armenia. The authors are fully responsible for the views and voices raised in the episodes.

Episode 4: A Conversation with Artsakhi Students: post-war experiences

In this episode, Mariam Petrosyan talks to two students who were forced to move out of their homeland following the war conflict in Artsakh. On a Sunday afternoon, as they shared their experiences as students at home, they also talked about the losses and new hopes.

Episode 3: Volunteering in the times of war

In this episode, we talk to English language student-teachers who found time and energy to teach Artsakhi kids in the most difficult times during and after the war conflict during September-November of 2020. As we talk, they share their experiences, feelings and views about why they opted to volunteer to teach the classes to kids, what it meant for their own education and the education of others.

Episode 2: So how did your remote learning go this spring?

In this episode, 6 university students share their impressions from the remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in early March through September 2020. They talk about being fed up with Zoom sessions, the need for human connection and what they have gained in learning during that time.

Episode 1: Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Do you know where the word “plagiarism” comes from? And what are the key reasons for the students to plagiarise and buy academic papers? In this episode, we talk to Christine Goroyan about her research among Armenian students, their motives to buy academic papers and reasons to plagiarise. Back in 2015, Christine, with a team of other students from the American University of Armenia well explored this issue.

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