Muslim Secondary School Community Event


The transition from primary to secondary school can be a challenging time for even the most confident child. The change from a personal, teacher-led approach in primary school to one where children are expected to be far more independent can be quite an unsettling experience.

The larger emotional hurdle children usually feel when starting secondary school, is the loss of a community of friends and teachers they have known for the past several years to one where they may not know anyone.


Educare is offering a programme to support Muslim children about to start their journey into secondary education. We want to help them settle in quickly and continue to support their intellectual and social well-being.

Our first initiative is a social get together! Meeting up and getting to know other Muslims going to the same school can help reduce the anxiety of settling into a new environment. It is also an important first step to building a supportive community of brotherhood.


Children: Relationship building activities and advice sessions

Parents: How to support your children’s social, intellectual and spiritual development

Meet Up Details

Date: Sunday 20th August
Time: Afternoon (Time to be confirmed)
Attendees: Year 7 Children & Parents


When you register for the event we will send you the venue details. You will receive our Secondary School Starter Pack when you attend the event insha Allah.