Building a strong and supportive brotherhood between Muslim students

Year 7 to Year 13

Starting a new school can be a difficult time for children. Many will have come from schools where they have built friendships over several years and to have to start the process of making friends again can be challenging.

One way to ease the challenge of young people getting to know one another is through supportive communities that their parents create together. For Muslim parents to periodically come together for a few hours every month at a park, the Masjid or better still, visiting one another can help children build friendships, which extends to their school community.

A great modern way to build communities quickly is through online groups. Whatsapp and Telegram are two such mediums which enable parents to begin to start a dialogue and get to know one another.

Year 7

Some of the benefits of joining our online school communities:

  1. A vetted membership
  2. Periodic community events
  3. Advice from veteran parents
  4. School specific support for your child
  5. Access to Imams for Islamic guidance
  6. Advocating on behalf of parents

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