GCSE Results 2023!

Congratulations to all our youngsters who have just completed their GCSEs. May Allah grant you even more success in this life and the ultimate success in the hereafter. Ameen


We have put together some words of advice, which if you act on sincerely, we hope that Allah will increase you in bounty and favour.


Please remember to thank your teachers and parents who gave you the support you needed at school and at home respectively to get past this hurdle. Our beloved Prophet told us, “Whoever does not thank the people has not shown gratitude to Allah.”


Click [ Here ] or on the image to download the statement and please feel free to share it.

For Year 7 Students Starting in September

Starting secondary school can be a tough time for both children and parents. We have put a guide together to help parents support their children during this change so that they can hit the ground running insha Allah.

Download the Guide:


If you wish to receive the Secondary School Parent Guide, simply click [ Here ] to download the PDF, or click on the image.


We hope that you find the guide useful and please do share the link to the website for others to benefit insha Allah.

For Year 7 Students Starting in September


The School Journey

Parental Support

Moving from Primary to Secondary School

Towards Independence

What to do if?

School Hierarchy & Staff Roles

Parent and School Communication

Parent and Form Tutor Communication

Year 7 Subjects

Relationship, Sex and Health Education

Say No to Smartphones

School Uniform and Equipment