Our mission and vision

“Educare” in latin means to “help something to grow, excel” and this gives the meaning for education.

We educate: we help people learn, grow, reflect.
We care: we are concerned about everyone’s fair chance for education.

EduCare Educational Foundation was established to promote education as a right to the citizens of Armenia. It aims to conduct quality research on the right-based approach to education to identify the social inequalities that impede access to and success in in education for everyone.

We excel in methodological support for school teachers and university faculty to improve their curricular and classroom practice.

We work towards the integrity of the education system to make it healthier and stronger.

Education is at the core of personal and community development. Its purpose is to help every person to fulfil their potential, their talents and personal aims, to develop their awareness of themselves and the world around them.

At EduCare Educational Foundation, we believe that everyone should be given the best possible chance to succeed in education and realise their potential to the full, no matter their backgrounds and starting steps.